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The Winter 3-Stage was a 3-Stage variant found at the Mobile, Alabama location. It was one of three rotating designs used at the Mobile, Alabama location, with the other two being the Playroom and Hollywood 3-Stages. The stage was created by Brian Hagan in 1995, and would stop being used around 1999.


Stage Right (Chuck E. Cheese)[]

Chuck E. Cheese was on the right on his own stage on top of a triangular pedestal that looked like a large pile of snow. Behind Chuck was a pine tree wrapped in green tinsel and a red bow, a wall made of snow, a black street lamp with a Christmas wreath, a neon sign saying "Seasonal Greetings", and a backdrop resembling a snowstorm. He had a TV next to him, referred to as the Jukebox. It had blue sides and a top covered in snow. The Jukebox would display the showtape footage, along with another TV placed above it.

Center Stage (Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls)[]

Center Stage contained Helen Henny, Mr. Munch on the keyboard, and Jasper T. Jowls sitting on a black drum that had silver accents with a guitar. Behind them was two brick buildings covered with snow that had white stars on them and LED music notes on them, a small brick wall with a layer of snow and red ribbons above it, two large pine trees wrapped in green tinsel and red bows, smaller pine trees behind the big two, and a backdrop resembling a snowstorm. Building and Moon are behind the brick buildings. Munch Jr. was placed inside of a black drum with silver accents between Helen and Munch. Above the stage was a colored Wink. This stage also had small black curtains hanging above it.

Stage Left (Pasqually and Pizzacam)[]

Stage Left contained Pasqually on the drums on a glittering purple platform, and Pizzacam housed in a speaker box with a TV placed above it. Behind them was a black street lamp with a Christmas wreath, the Munch's Make Believe Band sign in black, a wall made of snow, a large snowman with a black top hat and a light blue scarf, and a backdrop resembling a snowstorm.


  • Brian Hagan, creator of the Winter 3-Stage, would later earn a job working for CEC Entertainment's entertainment department for his work on the Winter 3-Stage as well as the Playroom and Hollywood 3-Stages.


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