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The Winter 2015 Show (also known as The Battle of The Bands or Show #1 2015) is a showtape that was released in January 2015. This showtape played 2 times. Right before, and after the CEC Summer 2015 showtape. When it played after Summer 2015, it came back with the exception of the segments.


The showtape begins with a song called "Fun For All". The song introduces the guests to Chuck E. Cheese's. Afterwards, Chuck E. tells his friends to meet him back for another song. Meanwhile, Helen Henny and Chuck E. practice some of their melodies for their finale. A few seconds afterwards, the 2 approach Mike Wolf, a "costume manager", tricks them for costumes, just to sell his business. Pasqually & Munch talk about the first Star Wars movie from the 1970's before Mike Manly asks "Where are Munch's Make Believe Band members are now?", where the characters were hired for other individual act. One of the acts Jasper mentions, is the fact that he's now a truck chaser. He performs a song about it.

After the song, Mike Wolf & Helen argue about which band is the best. They then say that there should be a competition for a battle of the bands. After that, Helen and Chuck E. argue about what to do. Afterwards, Copernicus and Chuck watch some cat videos, and sing "Dancin' Kitten".

When the video was over, Ducky Cheese played their little music before Munch's Band returning and performing. Unfortunately, Helen Henny was scared that the best part of her life, Chuck E. Cheese, wouldn't join them. But luckily, he did just in time. They all saved the business, and learned the value that families help each other.

Show List[]

Segment 1[]

Intermission 1[]

  • Act 1 - "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
  • Josh and the Jamtones - "John Jacob"
  • Hard Hat Hank - Box
  • Act 2 - "Where are They Now?"

Segment 2[]

Intermission 2[]

  • Josh and the Jamtones - "Bear Hunt Lodge"
  • Social Media Promo
  • Show Break - "Driving Time Lapse"
  • Act 3 - "We Gotta Get The Band Back Together!"

Segment 3[]

Intermission 3[]

  • Live Show Promo
  • Josh and the Jamtones - "Iko Iko"
  • Act 4 Part 1 - "Battle of the Bands"

Segment 4[]

Intermission 4[]

  • Act 4 Part 2 - "The End"
  • Josh and the Jamtones - "Jump Up!"
  • Joke from Pasqually - "Bananas"
  • CEC Hashtag Promo
  • Show Break - "City Time Lapse"
  • Josh and the Jamtones - "Lighting Lake"



  • This is the first showtape of several things:
    • This is the first showtape to feature Chuck E. Cheese's current puppet.
    • This is the first showtape to feature Mike Wolf, Ducky Cheese, and Copernicus.
    • This is also the first showtape to say something like, "Show 1, or Show 2", while still keeping Act 1, for segments until 2016.
    • This is also the first showtape, where Steve Waters would not appear regularly.
  • This is also the last showtape of several things:
    • This is the final appearance of Mike Manly, Hard Hat Hank, and Zoey.


  • In the segment, "Where Are They Now?", the Ducky part of the "new logo" was not fully covered over Chuck E.'s part.



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