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Walk Like an Egyptian is a song recorded by The Bangles in 1987. It was released as part of Chuck E.'s Awesome Adventure Machine.


Helen: In a distant land amidst the sand
That stands and speaks and the pyramids
He's quite a guy (All: Oh-way-oh)
He keeps an eye on the little kids

Chuck E.: Find a dusty door that leads inside
Don't be afraid, don't you run and hide
Pasqually: Push a secret stone (All: Oh-way-oh)
They hear a groan and it opens wide

Helen: Hieroglyphs that look like this say...
All: Way-oh-way-oh, ooh-way-oh-way-oh
Helen: Walk like an Egyptian

Check from the sun, you need a torch
I think there's one out there on the porch
Munch: You can light the way (All: Oh-way-oh)
Jasper: But do not play, or you'll get a scorch!

Chuck E.: Through the dark and gloom, you'll find some rooms
They might be fun or they might be tombs
Munch: We can check 'em out (All: Oh-way-oh)
Chuck E.: Be sure to shout if your terror blooms

Helen: Old King Tut who was wakin' up says...
All: Way-oh-way-oh, ooh-way-oh-way-oh
Helen: Walk like an Egyptian

Chuck E.: Yikes! That pyramid is full of crummy mummies! Get outta there, guys!
Pasqually: Oh-ho-ho, mummy mia!

(Instrumental 12-bar interlude)

(Whistling for 4 bars)

Helen: Now Mr. Munch is having lunch
While sitting atop a sarcophagus
He hears the crunch (All: Oh-way-oh)
His punch had tuned his esophagus

Pasqually: Then Jasper Jowls starts to howl
The mummies are dancing on the prowl
They're all wound up (All: Oh-way-oh)
We should round up and throw in the towel

Jasper: Nowhere to run, we're all done
The pyramid party's not so fun
Helen: Then Chuck E. Cheese (All: Oh-way-oh)
Chuck E.: Please, your attention everyone!

I bet King Tut tell you why
That he's nobody's, really glad we're here
And we can stay (All: Oh-way-oh)
And play in these trudges, have no fear

Helen: Old King Tut when he starts to strut says...
All: Way-oh-way-oh, ooh-way-oh-way-oh
Helen: Walk like an Egyptian
Walk like an Egyptian

Chuck E.: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho...I want my mummy!
Pasqually: I'll say it again... oh, mummy mia!

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