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True Potential is a song from Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000.


After Chuck E. has fallen in low spirits due to failing to achieve Vega-2 speeds without practice and is losing hope, Harry helps him learn not to give up and believe in himself as he trains him for the final race.


You say you want to win,
But there's nothing wrong with losing,
What matters is how you play the game.
Which brings us to this business
Of reaching your true potential,
Of learning how to turn your spark into a flame...!

Now first you must train your body,
This part of your foundation,
Has got to be as strong as it can be
You see, a flower never blooms
Before its stem is strong,
A sapling doesn't grow just before it becomes a tree

This trick, you start to practice,
They say it makes you perfect,
But I have yet to meet a perfect man
Now there's one thing for certain,
If you're sure to practice,
You'll be one step closer
To doin' the best you can!

Now if you keep on practicin',
Then soon you'll find
That it's much easier to focus the mind
And with the power it's a focus,
Comes the calmness and collectedness,
The confidence to see you through a bind

Yes, in each one of us, there lies a great power
Don't you see all you need is within?
But you can't expect it to blossom forth,
Until all of your hard work
Turns believing into knowing that you can win!
Turns believing into knowing that you can win!
Yes, turns believing into knowing that you can wiiiiiiiiiiiiin!


  • The physical exercises Chuck E. performs are congruent to the skills he takes with him to win the Galaxy 5000:
    • Flaming geysers: Getting lost in the Black Forest and maneuvering himself past the trees and through Dead Man's Canyon without crashing.
    • Human hamster wheel: Getting the hang of Vega-2 and being able to stand it and see properly.
    • Life-sized whac-a-mole: Being assertive enough to activate Vega-3 and surpass the X-Pilots at Dead Man's Canyon.
  • Likewise, the exercises Harry presents represent a key skill Chuck E. learns to help him realize his true potential and represent something he does in the race:
    • The geysers represent agility, reflexes, and being alert (Maneuvering the Songbird without crashing).
    • The giant wheel represents speed, grip, and handling (Handling Vega-2).
    • The whac-a-mole game represents assertiveness, guts, and toughness (Believing in himself to win and knowing he can do it).
    • The Vega-2 lecture represents sharpness, focus, and concentration (Knowing how Vega-2 works and how to handle it).
    • The shimmering crystal ball represents calmness, relaxation, and peace (Not freaking out when the X-Pilots round on him, and prior to using Vega-3).
  • The lights shining from the crystal ball are navy blue, red, and white; the same colors as Chuck E.'s racing suit.
  • In the last close-up of Chuck E. just as the song ends, a small spotlight lights just his eyes; this is a visual representation of him "seeing the light", or understanding or realizing something after having doubts over such. In this case, it represents him understanding the meaning of Harry's words, allowing him to unlock his true potential to win the Galaxy 5000.
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