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Tickets are the post-game currency at Chuck E. Cheese. They are earned by playing games or catching them in the Ticket Blaster. Guests can then take the tickets they've earned and use them to redeem candy, collectables, and toys from the prize counter.

Paper Tickets[]

Ticket muncher

Since Chuck E. Cheese's opening in 1977, paper tickets have been in use. These tickets are simply just your standard run of the mill ticket, however they usually have Chuck E's face printed onto them. Between the 70s and early 90s at Chuck E. Cheese tickets needed to be hand counted. That was until the introduction of a machine called the Ticket Muncher in 2000. This machine would suck in your tickets and count them using a sensor. It would then print a paper receipt with your total number of tickets on it. The machine would make a loud crunching noise while eating your tickets, and was themed after Mr. Munch.


Chuck E. Cheese switched to E-tickets in mid to late 2020. E-tickets are simply digital versions of tickets that automatically get saved onto your Play Pass. Most modern arcades use digital tickets. Employees can now scan your Play Pass to read how many tickets you have collected, which means the addition of E-tickets has also phased out the Ticket Muncher. Now, the only way to collect paper tickets in a modern Chuck E. Cheese is to reserve a birthday party and get in the Ticket Blaster. However, even Ticket Blasters are starting to be used less and less in Chuck E. Cheese.