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The Ticket Muncher is a machine that converts Chuck E. Cheese Tickets into a receipt. The Ticket Muncher has been used at Chuck E. Cheese since 2000.

Machine Idea[]

The idea of the Ticket Muncher is instead of bringing all of your tickets to the prize counter, you can just bring a printed receipt of all the tickets you earned.

To convert your tickets you have to straighten them out into a line and feed them into a slot on the Ticket Muncher. The Ticket Muncher will take in your tickets, displaying the number of tickets munched on a digital screen. When you finished putting in tickets, hit the black button in the middle of the machine to print your receipt. This receipt will have the amount of tickets put into the machine and can be used at the prize counter.

Sound Effects[]

  • Munching Sound


  • Before the Ticket Muncher was introduced, all CEC Tickets had to be hand counted.