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The Ticket Blaster is a game that is used in all CEC Locations since 2010.

Game Idea[]

The idea is that everyone (mainly the birthday guests) has to see the "Birthday Star", and grab as many tickets as they can. If they grab a ticket that's different than the normal one, it may be worth a big number. Like 100 or even 1,000. These can then be redeemed for prizes like most games. In 2014, CEC Entertainment made a new one with Rockstar Chuck called the Rocket Blaster.

The guest inside the blaster has a time limit of 30 seconds to grab the tickets, with additional seconds added if the reserved party has a higher package.

Voice Actors[]


  • This is the first & only game to not be limited to all of CEC's Guests.
  • They replaced the camera & Blue screen currently at most of the Studio C Stores due to kids hanging on the camera.