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The Wizbangs were an animatronic band that played at Mystery Funhouse. They are retrofits of PTT CEC Cyberamics.


The original location for the animatronics was in Orlando, Florida. It opened in 1982, and closed in 1984 due to the bankruptcy. The animatronics were then sold to Jack Spangler, who decided to use them at the Mystery Funhouse, also located in Orlando. Mystery Funhouse opened in 1976, as a tourist attraction. The animatronics were placed in a party room. The Wizbangs played sometime during the late 1980s to early 1990s. Later on, they got plastic masks. They had five characters. There was also a King at the Mystery Funhouse. Their showtapes are either lost or unknown. The only known song they played was Oh Susana, in the movie Parenthood.

Character Conversion[]

Chuck E. Cheese Character Wizbang Character
Chuck E. Cheese Princey
Helen Henny Morgana
Mr. Munch Wizzy
Jasper T. Jowls Craven
Pasqually Wizzard



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