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The Warblettes were Pizza Time Theater background vocal characters. They were singing crows who would rock from side to side.


They would first appear at the original Pizza Time Theater in San Jose, California, where they would sing backup. They would also have a more prominent role in their early showtapes, most likely due to them being the only female characters at the time, where they would be able to sing their own songs and have skits dedicated to them, this spot would later mostly be reserved for the guest stars. They also would often announce and sing backup for the show. They were replaced for a short period of time, in 1978, by the Mopsey Sisters, who were 3 singing mops before being added back in 1979. When the Rocker and C Stages were made, they were permanently replaced by the Singing Flowers. Their voice actresses are unknown, although it is possible that they could have been voiced by the same people who voiced the Mopsey Sisters.

The body lean programing would eventually be reused for the Wink, while the mouth movement continued to be programed until August 1996.

In an early showtape, it is revealed that the three Warblettes names are Daisy, Maisy, and Irma.


The Warblettes were originally black crows with white feathers and yellow beaks. Later on, the Warblettes became white crows with white feathers and yellow beaks.


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