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The Tail of Jasper T is an original country/folk song that first debuted on Show 1 2019. It is sung by Jasper T. Jowls.


Jasper learns an important lesson about self-control.


Jasper: I've got a tale to tell because it's tale telling time
It's a tale 'bout a tail and that tail is mine
And my endless hobby which I could not prevail
Now some would say, and I wouldn't dispute,
That it was a mighty trivial pursuit
Just goin' in circles chasin' after my own tail

Well sometimes I'd see it from the corner of my eye
And I'd stop what I was doing just so I could try
To catch that wile thing, but I'd always fail
And I didn't even notice how folks reacted
I could be mid-sentence and I'd get distracted
By the sudden urge to go and chase my tail

Well I was on stage just singing a song
The rest of the band there strumming along
When over my shoulder I saw that familiar sight
And I'm sure I looked silly and lacking deft
As I chased it right and it moved to the left
As soon as I moved left it jumped to the right

I spun around backwards as it moved past
I thought I was quick but it moved just as fast
One second it was here and next it was gone
So I swung back around, set my bass on the floor
And I chased it in circles straight out the door
And left my friends behind still singing the song

Others: It's the tale of the tail of Jasper T.
Now you better change your ways
Or you're gonna find out that you'll be
Runnin' in circles the rest of your days

Jasper: Well I chased it outside and down the street
Just spinnin' in circles and trippin' on my feet
Too consumed to notice the beautiful sunny day
And a band was marching in a big parade
And a man in a stand had free lemmonade
But I was way too obsessed to even look their way

And a guy on a ladder was paintin' a sign
But I was too busy to pay it mind
And as I crashed into him a bucket fell on my head
And as the lights went out I took a spill
As I tripped on a rock and I fell down a hill
And I landed with a mighty thud in a flowerbed

Others: It's the tale of the tail of Jasper T.
Now you better change your ways
Or you're gonna find out that you'll be
Runnin' in circles the rest of your days

Jasper: Well I was beat up, battered and bleary-eyed
And my body was bruised and so was my pride
But I was ready to continue the chase without thinkin' twice
When I saw this old hound sittin' all alone
Lookin' just like a dog without a bone who said,
"Friend, let an old-timer give you some advice"

"Well I'll tell you, son, I was once like you
I turned my back on my family and the friends I knew
Thinkin' chasin' my tail was all I'd ever need
But it only causes pain and strife
Just runnin' in circles for all your life
And you don't want to know what happens if you succeed"

Well I'll tell you folks I about turned pale
From this ol' hound's cautionary tail
And at that moment I finally saw the light
And I could have thanked that ol' dog for days
For helping me see the error of my ways
And was grateful I has a chance to set things right

So I headed on back to join my friends
And this here's about where this tale ends
But I'll always remember the words that ol' dog said
And I'd be lying if I said that I'm
Not prone to still chase things time to time
But I spend more time chasing friendships instead

Others: It's the tale of the tail of Jasper T.
You finally changed your ways
Now you're gonna find out that you'll be
Surrounded by friends the rest of your days


  • For unknown reasons, Pasqually doesn't have a singing or speaking role in this song despite appearing playing the drums, as well as him being the only musician in the band to not play a stringed instrument through out the song.
  • This song uses 2 Helen puppets: One being from 2017, which can be seen through out the beginning & end of the song, while her Show 1 2019 puppet from Nice Enough was also shown.



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