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The Real Me is a song from Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000.

Helen sings it as she is overlooking Chuck E. helping Jasper and Flapjack refurbish the Songbird on the balcony of the soda shop the night before the qualifiers, voicing her jealousy of his relationship with Astrid and being excluded as "one of the guys", and hoping he could see her for how she truly sees him.


Why can't he see the real me?
He doesn't even know who I am

How could you say that I'm just one of the guys?
Can't you see the sparkle in my eyes?
In my eyes that shine only for you...

Sometimes you seem so far away
Even though you are near me

Can't you see that I am one of a kind?
And that my heart beats just for you?
Oh, Chuck E., what's a little hen to do?

Why can't he see the real me?
How could he be so blind?

How can I find the key to your heart,
To the treasure chest,
That contains the real you?

Why can't he see the real me?


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