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The Chuck E. Cheese's Website is the official website for Chuck E. Cheese. It was first launched in 1997.


The CEC Website launched in 1997, 20 years after CEC Opened. It was known as the CEC Fun Net. It started with a voice introduction with the voice provided by Duncan Brannan as the king of cool himself. It then lead you to the restaurants through out the world. It also included pictures of Chuck E. to be printed, emailed, and sent to the CEC Office in Texas. It included other activities as well. This era of the website lasted from 1997 until the 2000s.

The website was changed sometime in the 2000's to comply with the Avenger Chuck E.! It added the Online Ticket Blaster, Skee Ball, Chuck E. Blocks, and other online games. This website lasted from the Avenger Era, Specifically in the 2000s, until 2012.

In 2012, since CEC debuted the most recent look to Chuck E. Cheese, the website was given an update with all of the games replacing the avenger versions of the characters to their latest ones. They even added a new game called Chuck E. Rocks. Other than the menu changing and the addition of the story of Chuck E., the website changed massively until 2018.

When the website got a massive revamp in 2018, core features like the video games would be removed. However, the coloring pages, menu items, and play pass were still kept.

In 2020, to comply with the quarantine, CEC Launched their Online Shop. On the shop you could purchase items featuring all of the CEC Characters.