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The Man & Dog Show, also known as Rocky and the Railroad Ramblers, is an animatronic show using converted Chuck E. Cheese Balcony Stage Cyberamic Animatronics. The show is located at Gillian's Wonderland Pier, and has been there since they were retro-fitted in 1993 by Sally Corp. The show is a pay-per-view show, and costs $1 for the animatronics to play a song. The Man & Dog Show is still in-use today.


The PTT Players used on the Balcony Stage were changed into 5 new characters. Chuck E. Cheese turned into Rocky The Panda, Helen Henny turned into Henrietta Hatpin, Jasper T. Jowls turned into Henry Howls (aka Hank/The Dog), Mr. Munch turned into Bubba the Mountain Lion (aka Bubba with king cosmetics), and Pasqually turned into Antonio (aka The Man). They sit in front of a monorail called the Frontier Express, with the stage being based off of an old railroad station.


  • Rocky and the Railroad Ramblers (aka The Man & Dog Show) is sometimes confused with Rocky and the Ramblin' Rascals because of their similar names.
  • They originally used to play 2-3 songs for a quarter (now a dollar), and it was separated in 3 parts until 1998. The deleted dialogue has been readied but it’s still one song per dollar.
  • The Man & Dog Show may have came from a pizza place called Zach Perwinkles, which also had converted Chuck E. Cheese Balcony Stage Cyberamic Animatronics.
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