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The Galaxy's For You and Me is a song sung by most of Munch's Make Believe Band, except for Jasper and Pasqually. They sang it in the film Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 released in CEC and Toys R Us stores.

At the start of the film in Pasqually's diner, Chuck E. decides to sign up for the Galaxy 5000 and rallies everyone in the restaurant to cheer him on.


Chuck E.: Come on everybody, think it's time we get together and get,
Our toes a-tappin'
Then before you know it, you'll be goin' with the flow and barely notice
Your fingers are snappin'

So come along with me,
Your buddy Chuck E. Cheese,
I'd like to be your captain,
If you climb in the Adventure Machine

I've been down before, but I don't let it keep me down
'Cause I know I'll do the right thing
I'mma do some magic abracadabra doo-ba-dabra,
But first I sing, then you sing.

Let's grab a front row seat...
Munch: A front row seat...
Chuck E.: To the galaxy!
Helen: To the galaxy!
All: The galaxy's for you and me!

Helen: Come along, come with Chuck E.,
Oh, with Chuck E., to the galaxy
Help our Chuck E.
Munch: We can't do it without you, yeah

Chuck E.: Come on everybody, there's just no need to worry
Let's get those legs a-kickin'
We'll set the pace and win the race
On the intergalactic speedway

All: The galaxy's for you,
The galaxy's for me,
The galaxy's for you and me!



  • The melody to the song is based on "Twelfth Street Rag", an orchestral piece composed by Euday L. Bowman in 1914.
    • Said tune was remixed and used in several episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • The actual melody was later heard in the background during the soda shop scene when Chuck E. is with Astrid and the X-Pilots mock his qualifier loss.
  • The book that Jasper reads during Helen's verse is Of Mice & Men.
  • Chuck E. hints at his feelings toward Helen when he produces a bouquet of flowers and gives them to her.
  • The line "I know I'll do the right thing" serves as a double meaning; Chuck E. wanting to win the race to help Charlie, and a more true example by learning to better prepare himself for the race by training with Harry.
  • When Chuck E. says "There's just no need to worry," it serves as ironic foreshadowing as he finds out he cannot handle Vega-2 like the X-Pilots, which leads to him crashing and nearly losing hope.
  • This song was also featured at Chuck E. Con 2018. During the performance, Chuck E. sported his racing uniform he wore throughout the movie but his shoes were black instead of red, and during the "magic" verse, he produces a magic wand and pulls a stuffed Munch doll out of a hat.
  • The pianist performing at the start of the song reappears in the soda shop during "Snowball's Chance in Texas".




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