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The Future For Chuck E. Cheese's is the Road Stage Demo that was filmed back in 1991.

The Show that was used for that Demo was American Pride Segment 3. The Filming for this demo took place at the new (at the time) Sunrise, FL CEC Location [Now a 2.0] (8099 Oakland Park Blvd), Specifically in Broward County. 

Songs in the Demo

  • Oh I Think My Pride Is Showing Again (American Pride Segment 3)
  • Grand Old Flag (American Pride Segment 3)


Voice Actors


  • This is the first video Filmed in Sunrise, FL By CEC Entertainment, The next would be a video by Dick Frank along with Missuagua Ontario "Dixie Rd", "Richland, WA" (Now a 2.0), and a couple other of locations
  • This is also the 1st Animatronic Video voiced By Karlisa McKinney
  • As well as being the 1st filmed by CEC Entertainment, this is also the 1st CEC Entertinment Recording in Florida EVER.


  • Chuck_E_Cheese's_Road_Stage_Demonstration_"The_Future_For_Chuck_E._Cheese's_"_(1991)

    Chuck E Cheese's Road Stage Demonstration "The Future For Chuck E. Cheese's " (1991)