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The Bullhorns are backup player puppets that play the saxophone. They are only found in tux era showtapes from 1990-1994. They have three different versions from 1990 to 1994.


Version 1 (1990)[]

They have brownish grey skin, brownish grey ears, no eyelids, no irises, large white horns on their heads, and red mouths. They also either have silver saxophone or a silver trumpet. These puppets were only used in the Concept Unification Premiere tape.

Version 2 (1993)[]

They have dark purplish magenta skin, no ears, no eyelids, no irises, small white horns on their heads, and red mouths. They also have golden saxophones.

Version 3 (1994)[]

They have red skin on their body, tan skin on their mouths and stomachs, droopy red ears, no eyelids, no irises, tan horns on their heads, and small pink mouths. They also have golden saxophones. These puppets were only used in the January 1994 Show.

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