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Note: This article is about the Stage, You may be looking for the showtape.

The Awesome Adventure Machine, also known as Showroom 2000 was a test stage located at the Montfort Drive Dallas, TX location from 1996-1997, replacing a 3-Stage. The stage was created for Chuck E. Cheese's 20th anniversary, but failed to gain an audience, leaving the company to focus on Studio C instead.

The animatronic was created and produced by Animation World. However, only one showtape was produced for the AAM. It was programmed by Brian Hagan.

In mid 1997, the AAM was removed and replaced with Studio C.

The showtapes were produced on LaserDisc. It is unknown if there is footage capped from the LaserDisc.

On December 14, 2021, Brian Hagan uploaded the video titled" CEC AAM Footage 4K" Once Brian uploaded it to YouTube, the video blew up. CEC Fans were commenting and thanking Brian for posting this footage on YouTube. In February 2022, Brian privated the video.