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The Awesome Adventure Machine, known internally as Showroom 2000, was a test stage located at the Dallas, Texas (13125 Montfort Dr) location from August 21, 1996 until late 1997, replacing its 3-Stage (Montfort received the very first 3-Stage in November 1989.).


The stage was created as an expansion to their animatronic stage shows which had up to that point included the Cyberamic and 3-Stage shows, but failed to gain an audience, was very expensive and hard to manage, leaving the company to focus on Studio C instead, which replaced the stage in either late December 1997 or early January 1998. The bot and such others were destroyed.

Only three showtapes were produced specifically for the AAM, Awesome Adventure Machine (Show) (AAM) (August 1996-April 1997), Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary (AAM) (April 1997-August 1997), and August 1997 Show (AAM) (August 1997-November 1997).

The AAM was programmed by Frank (A contract programmer who had programmed the Country Bear Christmas show). All three AAM exclusive showtapes were produced on LaserDisc. It is currently unknown if any masters for any showtapes exist to this day, as LaserDiscs are known for their rarity in the 21st century, as well as CEC Entertainment potentially throwing them out in the late 1990s / early 2000s after the AAMs discontiuation to save up space.

The AAM appeared in CEC media for the first time in the Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 video, where Chuck E. Cheese and his team used it to teleport to Planet Orion to compete in the Galaxy 5000. The design of the AAM for the video is vastly different than how it worked in the shows featuring it.

On December 14, 2021, Brian Hagan uploaded a video titled "CEC AAM Footage 4K". This video features all animatronic segments of the Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary (AAM) show from April 1997, and is the only known video of the stage in action other than a newscast from a local news station in Dallas, Texas from the time.


The stage had a single 22-Movement Chuck E. Cheese in the cockpit of the Awesome Adventure Machine in-between 2 TVs showcasing the other characters. The stage also contained many special effects and lighting. The animatronic was created and produced by Animation World. During the shows, if there was an instance where Chuck E. would walk onto the screen and interact with the others, the cockpit would close, hiding the Chuck E. animatronic to keep up with the illusion for the guests.




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