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Teamwork is a song from the cancelled 1983 holiday TV special, The Christmas That Almost Wasn't.


Chuck E. Cheese teaches the elf's and robots how to work together with teamwork.


Chuck E.: I've heard the word impossible, one to many times.
It can't be done, ridiculous, I'm tired of that old line!
It's really very simple,
I'll tell you what to do,
all you need is just one word to change a point of view.
It's just like on the old baseball diamond, what you need is teamwork!

All: Teamwork?
Chuck E.: Yeah!

Chuck E.: Everything is easier with teamwork!
Better, smoother, speedier with teamwork!
When a job's too tough for you, and you don't know what to do it's teamwork!

We can work together with teamwork
Words of a feather! With teamwork
When things are going wrong,
we've got to get along with teamwork, Teamwork!

Chuck E.: Like Washington at Valley Forge, freezing in the snow!
The easy thing would be to run away.
But his men stood beside him
and he was there to guide them.
Teamwork saved the day!

All: Everything is easier with teamwork, better, smoother, speedier with teamwork.
We can work together with teamwork, teamwork!
Works all the better with teamwork!

Elf: Like Babe Ruth and the Yankees!
Chuck E.: Teamwork!
Robot: Al Balva and Spanky
Chuck E.: Teamwork!
Paint Girl: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!
Chuck E.: Teamwork!
Elf: Like Abbot and Castelli?
Chuck E.: Teamwork!

All: When things are going wrong, we've got to get along with..
Chuck E.: teamwork.. Teamwork.. TEAMWORK.. TEAMWORK!
All: TEAMWORK!, Teamwork!


  • This marks the first time that Chuck E. Cheese was voiced by Scott Wilson (albeit his singing voice).