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The Studio C GM Convention is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic show that was only used at the Chuck E. Cheese's 1998 General Managers Convention in Las Vegas. It is unknown what happened to the stage after the convention.


In February 1998, the Studio C GM Convention was created to show off the newly-made Studio C concept to general managers during the Chuck E. Cheese's 1998 General Managers Convention. Chuck E. and Bird would host the event, which was done by using a custom showtape for the convention. It is unknown what happened to the stage after the convention. Most likely the animatronics were moved to a new stage, while the stage props got put into storage.


Chuck E. and Bird stood on two square black platforms in the center of the stage, with bird being on his wooden perch and a row of spotlights being placed in front of Chuck. Behind them were 5 large TVs that had two rows of spotlights, the Applause and On The Air Signs, and the "Star Cap" Chuck logo. This stage also had a golden streamer backdrop, as well as a special Chuck E. Cheese's 1998 General Managers Convention podium placed to Chuck's right.


  • This is the only known stage to be created for a Chuck E. Cheese's General Managers Convention.


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