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The Studio C Cappa (Referred to as a Small-town Studio C by Corporate) is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic show that was first Installed in the Summer of 2003. It was an even cheaper version of the Studio C Stage.



CEC Entertainment wanted to make a stage that could fit into smaller Chuck E. Cheese's Restaurants in small towns or malls as the single screen Beta was too big for these type of stores. Also at this time CEC was testing locations without a Bot and instead having Buffets, and having just the blue screen as the stage.

Prototype Gamma

The stage which was originally called "Studio C Gamma" was first installed in 2003, this prototype had a mirror behind Chuck, and 3 TV screens above a wall (without the blue screen), there are barely any light with the only light being Chuck's Spotlight. There are also no Curtains due to cost cutting measures, and as a way to cheapen the stage. Joplin and Waco would get these versions before 4 more were installed with the finalized blue screen but still keeping the mirror background.

Finalized Cappa

The first Small-town Studio C was installed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama; At this point the Swirl from the Beta background was inserted to the stage. All Cappas came with 16-Movement Chuck's with the Cool Chuck outfit. These stages would continued to be installed in stores and replace any Existing Stage too small to have a Alpha or Beta.

The last Cappa store would open at Jonson City, Tennessee in 2005; and the last Cappa would be installed at Evansville, Indiana (replacing their 3-Stage). Afterwards, it was replaced by the third version till 2007.

Like the Alpha and Beta, the Cappa lost the blue screen camera as it became very hard to maintain. As such the blue screen itself was either turned into a chalkboard, or a mural that CEC began offering in 2010 after its discontinuation.

As of July 2022 there are 33 Studio C Cappas left (being on par with the 1-Stages). Most are in malls or small towns.


  • This was the last stage for a few things
    • This was the last Studio C made (as the Beta Cappa mix is basically the third Cappa)
    • This was the last stage to introduce the Cool Chuck Outfit.
    • This was the last Studio C stage to feature a blue screen and camera in the U.S.
  • This was the first Stage to not feature Curtains


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