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The Studio C Beta Cappa Mix is a (unoffical) Chuck E. Cheese's Stage which fans have dubbed as Cappas with the combination of the Studio C Beta stage and Studio C Cappa TVs. Like the other Studio C stages, it has a single 16 Movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. At 3 locations, the blue screen has been replaced with a mural of Chuck E. and Munch's Make Believe Band.

It was first installed at the Lewisville, Texas location (replacing its 2-Stage). It is the second Studio C mix stage after the Studio C Alpha Beta Mix. It was in production until 2007 when the last one was installed in Alexandria, Louisiana (replacing their 3-Stage).

Special Beta Cappa Mixes

  • The Studio C Beta Cappa Mix in Dover, Delaware has no ticket blaster.
  • The Studio C Beta Cappa Mix in North Olmsted, Ohio had the Cool Chuck shirt and avenger jeans and no curtains. They upgraded to 2.0 in 2018.
  • Before its closure on June 14th 2015 the Studio C Beta Cappa Mix in Commack, New York had a blue screen, TV camera, and Chuck E.'s full avenger outfit. The animatronic is now at Sailsbury, Maryland location,
  • The Studio C Beta Cappa Mix in Hattiesburg, Mississippi replaced their first Cappa in 2006 and has curtains from a closed location.
  • The Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix in Decatur, Alabama still has the Rockstar Outfit and they no longer have the Ticket Blaster sign.
  • Before it's closure in September 2019 the Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix in Mansfield, Ohio they had no Ticket Blaster on their mural, and Chuck E had his Rockstar Outfit.

    The Studio C Cappa Beta Mix at the Mansfeild, OH Location in September 2019. (now closed)