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The Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix was a stage format used in less than 20 different locations. It debuted on October 7, 2004, and is still in use till this day.

The stage was a mix between the Studio C Beta and Studio C Cappa, with the Cappa elements being on the side of the stage, and the Beta elements being on the stage platform.


The design of the Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix was interesting. It had the Studio C Beta stage on the left, with 16m Chuck E. Cheese bots. On the right it had the Studio C Cappa TVs and either the Studio C Cappa Bluescreen or the Ticket Blaster Mural. They would also later have the Ticket Blaster installed in front or near the stage.

Beta/Cappa Mix Differences[]

  • Some Studio C Beta/Cappa Mixes have the Studio C Beta curtains, while other ones don't.
  • Some locations installed their Ticket Blaster in front of their Bluescreen camera, making it unusable.


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