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The Studio C Beta (or referred to as Studio C 2000 by corporate) is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic show that was first used in 2001. Earlier versions of the Beta stage featured a 32 movement Chuck E. bot, while later editions featured a 16 movement version.


After the Alpha was deemed too expensive to produce, CEC were coming up with new ideas for a new stage, one of these was dubbed "Studio C 2000" It was a bit of a Downgraded Alpha with the interactive console removed, some of these prototypes would become the Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix. The final version would first debut at Birmingham, AL, followed by Green Bay, WI and Oceanside, CA in 2000. These first 3 feature Unique Blue Screen Areas with a TV as the frame, a few more afterwards would get unique frames (like Clearwater, FL getting a Hollywood Mural) until the end of 2001, afterwards, betas would get the regular Murals seen today.

As of May 2022, 109 Studio C Beta stages remain in operation.


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