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The Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix stage is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic test stage that was only installed in 2000 and 2001. There were only 6 of them.


This Stage was served as a Prototype for the Studio C 2000 as a cheaper alternative to the Original Studio C. This stage was tested at the Athens, Georgia; before being tested at the Brownsville, Texas; Brownsville, Texas; restaurants in April 2000. It had almost a year of testing before the Studio C 2000 (Beta) rolled around. After the rollout, only 2 more were installed in the U.S: Clarksville, Tennessee; and Midland, Texas.

The last one was installed at the restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It looked very different compared to the others, as it had two blue screens, two TV monitors and two interactive consoles from the Studio C Alpha. In addition to having Bird, it also had the pizza phone. The stage was unique compared to the other Alpha Beta Mixes, and was installed after the Beta's rollout. Sadly it closed on June 18th, 2019.

As of today only 1 still exists at the Midland, Texas Restaurant. However it is a severe state of disrepair and it no longer features Bird.


  • This was the first stage to be created in the 2000's
  • This was the last stage to feature Bird
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