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The Studio C Alpha/Prototype Mix was a stage format only used at the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Corniche) location. It debuted when the location opened on December 12, 2000, and went extinct in July 2019, when the location would close permanently.

The stage was a mix between the Studio C Alpha and Studio C Prototype, with the Alpha elements being on the sides of the stage, and the Prototype elements being on the stage platform.


The design of the Studio C Alpha/Prototype Mix was very unique. It had the stage platform in the middle, with a 32m Chuck E. Cheese bot created by Garner Holt Productions, Inc.. Along with that, Bird, the Pizza Time clock, and the Pizza Phone were also one the stage platform, with the backdrop from a Studio C Prototype as the stage background. Left of the stage featured the side of a Studio C Alpha, complete with a monitor, Interactive Console, and Blue Screen with camera. Right of the stage featured the same things as the left side, but flipped. This made this stage have two Interactive Consoles, Blue Screens with cameras, and monitors, which makes this stage even more special. Above the stage, a Studio C sign with three TVs was placed above it. The Interactive Consoles would be later removed. The Chuck E. Cheese animatronic wore his Late Night tuxedo outfit, which he kept until the store's closure.


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