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The Studio C 2000 Prototype stage (also referred as the Studio C Prototype or Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix) was a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic test stage that was installed between 2000 and 2001. There were only 5 of them installed, and on October 18, 2022, the Studio C Prototype went extinct.


The Studio C Prototype was created as a result of the efforts to reduce and/or remove several features from the Studio C (1997) stage. These included the desk in front of Chuck E. being removed (The Alpha desks were causing wear and tear on the animatronic), the entire "Studio C" late night theme being dropped altogether, as well as the Interactive Console being removed. This stage was installed in five locations, all in the United States. Athens, Georgia (April 10, 2000-February 2022), Brownsville, Texas (July 17, 2000 - September/October 2019), Tyler, Texas (July 24, 2000-November 2021), Midland, Texas (October 2, 2000-October 18, 2022), and Clarksville, Tennessee (February 22, 2001 - August/September 2019).

The location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Corniche), which opened in December of 2001, featured a mix between a Studio C (1997) and a Studio C Prototype, which was its own separate stage known as a Studio C Alpha/Prototype Mix. Jeddah would close in July of 2019, before any of the Studio C Prototypes were removed. As of November 2022, the building the Jeddah CEC was in is still intact, but abandoned and severely vandalized, with the stage still intact, but the Chuck E. bot is gone, and the backdrop damaged.

Starting in 2019, Studio C Prototypes began to be removed from their stores due to 2.0, with the first such removal being Clarksville, Tennessee. Clarksville opened in February 2001 as the last Prototype to be installed, and would have it until August/September of 2019, when they would receive 2.0. They were the last Prototype to have working curtains, and one of 2 to have the Pizza Time Clock (Athens was the other).

The second removal was the Brownsville, Texas location. Brownsville opened in July 2000 as the second Prototype to be installed, and would have it until September/October 2019, when they would receive 2.0.

The third removal was Tyler, Texas. Tyler opened in July 2000, a few days after Brownsville as the third Prototype to be installed, and would have it until November 2021, when they would receive 2.0.

The fourth removal was Athens, Georgia. Athens opened in April 2000 as the very first Studio C Prototype, and was the most complete of the 5 installed, with Chuck E., Bird, a TV on the right that looked somewhat similar to a Studio C Alpha monitor (the TV was later removed) and the Pizza Time Clock (the only other location to have it was Clarksville). Athens would have their Prototype until March of 2022, when they would receive 2.0. They were the second last Studio C Prototype in existence.

On October 18th, 2022, the last remaining Studio C Prototype was removed from the Midland, Texas location for their 2.0 Remodel. Midland opened in October 2000 as the 4th Prototype to be installed.


  • This was the first stage to be created in the 2000s.
  • This was the last stage to feature Bird.
  • This stage was the first Studio C stage to go extinct. It was also the first non-Pizza Time Theatre stage with multiple installations to go extinct.
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