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The Studio C 2000 Live Stage (also referred to as Studio C Beta Live Stage) is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic stage installed at Nanuet, New York on TBD. It is the TBD legacy store of five. Legacy stores retain their previous stages, but they add a live stage, along with 2.0 décor.


Studio C 2000 Design[]

The Studio C Beta stage features 3 TVs placed in the middle of the stage with the red "CEC" letters being put on the TVs' base. The stage also features a Ticket Blaster with a Ticket Blaster background. Chuck E. (16 movement bot) is on a stage with Studio C carpeting, and has a Studio C Beta Swirl Beta Fixture with a Pizza Time Clock. Above the stage is the Studio C sign, the applause and on the air signs, and Studio C Beta TV Light Fixtures.

Chuck E. Live Stage Design (2019 Model)[]

The Chuck E. Live Stage is a flat dance floor with a thick blue border, and three TVs placed above.


  • This stage is the first and currently the only Studio C stage to get the legacy store remodel.
  • Despite previous rumors, this stage will be the only Retro Store stage to feature no animatronic programming since Studio C programming originally ended in 2022. Programming ended due to Studio C having issues with the Navori system. However, on July 3rd 2024, it was announced by a CEC district manager at the Jersey City nj location, that studio c programming would come back just for nanuet ny, starting with nanuet nys grand reopening show, and they will also get their curtains back. They will most likely also get floppy disks back so the show can run properly again.
  • This is the only retro store stage to not feature curtains along with Springfield il. (At the moment)
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