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The Studio C 2000 3-Stage, also known as the Studio C Beta 3-Stage, is a Studio C Beta combined with a 3-Stage. It has only been used at the Darien, Illinois and Chicago (Kedzie Ave), Illinois. The Darien, Illinois location has since gotten 2.0, leaving the Chicago (Kedzie Ave), Illinois the only location that has this stage.


On July 6th, 2020 the Studio C Beta 3-Stage was created at the Darien, Illinois location. This stage was made to replace Darien, Illinois's 3-Stage due to maintenance costs. The 3-Stage bots would be removed and replaced with a Studio C Beta from the Joliet, Illinois location.

Installation of the stage would start on July 1st 2020. This installation began with the removal of all the props and equipment from center stage. Stage left and right were kept running with the Beta TV light fixtures being hidden behind the TV on stage right. July 2nd installed the Chuck E. bot, the swirl fixture, and the two TV light fixtures. These wouldn't be functional till July 6th, 2020 when the stage was finally in a working state. When they tested the stage all the lighting worked with the center stage floods and fiberoptic fireworks being reused.

Later on in July curtains from the West Des Moines, Iowa location were installed at Darien to cover the left and right stages. Also, sometime in 2021 all the props and equipment were removed from the left stage. The only things that remained was the flood light covers.

In early November 2020, another Illinois location received the Studio C Beta 3-Stage. This was the Chicago (Kedzie Ave), Illinois location. Kedzie's Studio C Beta was from the Lafayette, Indiana location. Kedzie's Studio C Beta 3-Stage also reused the buildings and planters (minus one that broke) from their 3-Stage. After the reused props were put up, the Swirl Beta Fixture and Chuck E. bot were placed in on center stage. Notably at this time, the Studio C Beta TVs would be missing from this stage, unlike in Darien. Stage left and right then had all their props and equipment removed and the walls were painted black.

Sometime in June/July 2021 Kedzie would update their Studio C Beta 3-Stage. They would repaint the left and right stages purple, remove the plants on the planters, and install light-up posters from Matteson, Illinois's Circle of Light. Kedzie would also finally get TV Light Fixtures from Avon, Indiana, but would put them in the back of the showroom. Around August-October 2021 the fixtures would be installed.


The design of the Studio C Beta 3-Stage consists of three stages. Center stage has a Studio C Beta Swirl Beta Fixture with a Pizza Time Clock, Studio C Beta TV Light Fixtures, a 16M Chuck E. bot, and 2 3-Stage TVs. There is also a small curtain that runs across the top of the three stages from the 3-Stage. This stage also has carpeting going across all three stages.

Design Differences[]

Darien Location[]

The Darien location had some differences from the Kedzie location. The Darien location had 3-Stage curtains covering the left and right stages at all time. Along with that, it had two TV placed above the Studio C Beta TV Light Fixtures, and used the backdrops from the Joliet, Indiana location for the center stage backdrop. Darien also kept their fiber optic stars which were wired to work with the Studio C. Finally, Darien used Helen's 3-Stage spotlight for the Chuck E. bot.

Kedzie Location[]

The Kedzie location has some differences from the Darien location. The Kedzie location reused the building and planters from their 3-Stage along with using the Lafayette and Avon, Indiana backdrops as their center stage backdrop. Along with that, Kedzie didn't cover their left and right stages, but instead painted them purple along with giving them light-up posters from the Circle of Light in Matteson, Illinois. Kedzie also has their Studio C Beta Swirl Beta Fixture behind their Studio C Beta TV Light Fixtures since the TV Light Fixtures were added on later. Finally, Kedzie uses Jasper's 3-Stage spotlight for the Chuck E. bot.


  • The light up posters used at Kedzie use a color loop and aren't programmed with the show unlike Circles of Light stages.


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