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The Studio C 2000 (also referred to as Studio C Beta) is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic show that was first used in 2000 and was the default stage up until 2012. Earlier versions of the Beta stage featured a 32-Movement Chuck E. bot, while later ones featured a 16-Movement version, and 3 stores currently feature a Studio C Beta without an animatronic.



After the Alpha was deemed too expensive to produce, CEC were coming up with new ideas for a new stage, one of these was dubbed "Studio C 2000" It was a bit of a Downgraded Alpha with the interactive console removed.


This stage looked really different in the concept art as it was originally going to have the projection screen from the Alpha in the center and have multiple TVs around the stage. Chuck E's Stage was to originally have a Jukebox behind him, and the overhead wall piece was more similar to the Alpha's.

Stage History and Format[]

The final version would debut at Birmingham, Alabama; followed by Green Bay, Wisconsin; Oceanside, California; Overland Park, Kansas; and Clearwater, Florida; in 2000. This stage dropped the movie studio feel to cut costs and as mentioned above: the interactive console was removed, being replaced by 3 TVs with the left one showing the blue screen area and the current showtape (although some locations received only 1). The "CEC" letters were originally Gold but were late replaced with red letters. The Blue Screen area had only 2 walls so Chuck E. could now be visible from the blue screen area. These first 6 Betas featured Unique Blue Screen Areas with a TV as the frame (Clearwater, FL instead got a Hollywood Mural), afterwards, Betas would get the regular frames and murals seen today. On Chuck E's stage a lot of things were changed from the Alpha: The Desk (along with the Apple TV) was removed due to kids climbing them like a jungle gym and causing wear and tear on Chuck, Bird was removed due to the showtapes no longer requiring him, which was due to the new showtape format and the other members having a bigger presence. Finally, the City Background was replaced with a swirl thing with tubes that light up, with the Pizza Clock being in the corner. The Floor on Chuck E's Stage was a metal plate at the Birmingham, Alabama location before being replaced by the "Studio C" Carpet. Most locations after their 2005 (Phase 4) or Phase 5 (2013 Update / 2015 Remodel) Remodels replaced them with the store's current carpet.

Originally the stage had the 32-Movement Chuck E. featured on the Alpha stages however rumors surfaced about the Chuck E. being replaced by a 16 Movement Version, Programmer at the time Brian Hagan later confirmed the rumor and 16-Movement Chuck's began being the default for the stages starting with Cambridge, Ontario, Canada in February 2003. The last 32-Movement to be installed was Slidell Louisiana In January 2003.

With the 16-Movement bot introduced, this stage continued to be installed at a lot of locations up until May 2012, Staring with the Independence Missouri Location, where the original version was retired and replaced with a short-lived version with the center TV's looking like the Cappa setup. The Blue screen was removed and replaced with a Ticket Blaster background due to the ticket blaster being in all stores at this time (some Betas remodeling around this time would get it too). After this the last Studio C Beta would open on August 18, 2012 in Concepcion, Chile. Afterwards, it was replaced by the Circles of Light.

Smaller versions of the Studio C Beta were started to be produced in Fall 2000. These were known as a Single-Screen Studio C 2000 and only had 1 of the 3 Studio C Beta TVs. They were made for smaller locations like the Studio C Cappa later on.

An alternate Studio C Beta has been used in a few stores since October 7th, 2004. It is a mix between a Studio C Beta and a Studio C Cappa, and is known as the Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix.

Some Studio C Betas produced around the last years of the Studio C Beta featured an updated design. This design removed the Bluescreen for the Ticket Blaster, and made the TV area look more similar to the Studio C Cappa. This design would start to be produced in 2012, and would stop being produced when Studio C Betas were discontinued in 2012. It is unknown how many of this Studio C Beta design were produced.

An uncommon occurrence is some CEC stores removing the animatronic from the stage of the Studio C Beta. This unique occurrence has happened at at least 4 locations in Tamuning, Guam (closed in 2020), San Agustin, Mexico (removed stage platform), Jackson, Mississippi, and Tupelo, Mississippi. Tamuning removed their bot in 2018, San Agustin in 2019, Tupelo in January 2023, and Jackson in June 2023.

In 2022, CEC made the decision to no longer produce physical discs for shows and instead go digital. During testing, problems were found with the system and Studio C, due to its special file formats. As such, CEC then made the decision to no longer program the Studio C Shows.

From a total of 190 installed from 2000 to 2012, as of July 2024, 39 Studio C Beta stages remain in operation.


  • Before the Beta, it was rumored that there was going to be a five-character Studio C.
  • This stage had the longest amount of years at the "default" stage for CEC from 2000, until being retired in 2012.
  • This stage is currently the last type of stage to feature blue screens with cameras, as most of the betas in Chile, Guatemala, and the Middle East still have them.
  • At one point this was the most common stage, eventually this stage became the second most common stage at CEC behind the Chuck E. Live Stage.



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