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The Staten Island 1-Stage was a unique 1-Stage design exclusive to the Staten Island, New York store. It looked completely different to a normal 1-Stage, having many unique and different features compared to the common 1-Stage. It was installed in April 1993, having it's special look from the beginning until July 2023, when Staten Island would receive the 2.0 Remodel and replace their special 1-Stage with a Dance Floor and Video Wall. This stage was known for being the local store of CEC youtuber. Jojo King. Who was also the technician of the stage.


Unique Features[]

  • In place of a turntable with the name "Chuck E. Cheese", it had a large and multicolored star panel that could light up.
  • Behind Jasper and Pasqually, instead of more city backdrop, it had a large billboard that said "Now Appearing" with the MMBB logo.
  • It had 2-Stage buildings, combined with extra sets of them, to create a sort of "3D-like" effect.
  • From opening until the early 2010s, Staten Island's 1-Stage featured a special pull-out stage for live show performances before it was damaged in a flood and removed.


  • Staten Island was the oldest operating 1-Stage, despite having it's own separate design, from November 2022 until July 2023. it became the oldest 1-Stage when Columbus, Ohio (3631 Soldano Blvd) received 2.0 in November 2022. The oldest operating 1-Stage is now Lowell, Massachusetts, which opened 27 days after Staten Island and features a regular 1-Stage (Lowell is also one of two 1-Stages remaining in Massachusetts, the other being in North Dartmouth, which opened in December 1994).
  • The Staten Island location and their former special 1-Stage turned 30 years old on April 30, 2023. They were the first 1-Stage ever to reach the age of 30 and it to still be in the store. Sadly, it didn't get to reach any other age.


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