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The Star Stage was a one-character test stage in Dallas (Monfort) Texas that lasted from April 2010 - August 2012.


The Star Stage was introduced in 2010 as a brand new stage, it was CEC Entertainment's first stage since the Studio C Cappa in 2004. It was tested at the Dallas (Montfort), Texas location; replacing their Studio C Beta.

This stage featured a 32-Movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic from the previously mentioned Beta. Behind Chuck E. were computer operated cutouts of the Singing Flowers and Pasqually, now with a pair of headphones. On either side of Chuck E. were two screens that featured the other characters of Munch's Make Believe Band. It also featured two backdrops that would lower, one resembling a recording studio and the other resembling a baseball stadium.

The stage lasted till early 2012 being replaced by the first ever Circles of Lights. The props were then placed in storage, following stage removal.

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