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The Small-Town Studio C Prototype (also referred as Studio C Cappa Prototype/Studio C Buffet) is a show that was first installed in 2002 and features no animatronics. The Studio C Cappa Prototype was introduced to be a cheaper version of the Studio C Beta. It was later replaced by the Studio C Gamma and Studio C Cappa, which both brought back the Chuck E. animatronic.


In 2002 CEC Entertainment wanted to create a smaller Studio C stage to be used in smaller Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants. Three test stages were produced and used at the Waco, Tx, Lake Jackson, TX, and Dover, DE locations. Waco, TX opened with the stage on June 24, 2002, while Lake Jackson, TX opened on October 22nd, 2002, and Dover, DE opened on December 27th, 2002. These stages didn't have any animatronics and only had the Bluescreen for entertainment. 3 small TVs placed above the Bluescreen would show the person currently inside the Bluescreen.

The response to the Studio C Cappa Prototype wasn't great. Families seemed to like the animatronic stages, rather than just the Bluescreen. The Studio C Gamma and Studio C Cappa would replace this stage in summer and fall 2003 respectively.

In July of 2003 Waco would be the first location to replace the stage. Lake Jackson's and Dover's Cappa Prototypes would last until around 2005, with Lake Jackson's lasting till late 2005.


The design of the Small-Town Studio C Prototype consisted of a Bluescreen with a camera surrounded by a zebra-striped structure, 3 sets of lights on the Bluescreen structure, and 3 small TVs above the Bluescreen with rope lights around them.



  • The Small-Town Studio C Prototype is technically the first Chuck E. Live Stage as it has no animatronics on it.
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