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The Small-Town Studio C (also referred to as Studio C Cappa) is a one-character Chuck E. Cheese animatronic show that was first installed in 2003. The Studio C Cappa was introduced to be a cheaper version of the Studio C Beta.



CEC Entertainment wanted to make a stage that could fit into smaller Chuck E. Cheese's locations in small towns or malls as the Single-Screen Beta was too big for these type of stores. Also at this time CEC was testing locations without a Bot and instead having Buffets, and having just the blue screen as the stage. That concept would become the Small-Town Studio C Prototype, which would be a failure.

Gamma Prototype "V1" Installed July 2003 - September 2003[]

Starting in July 2003, CEC Entertainment needed a new stage that would take less space than the Beta, so, they Invented Studio C Gamma, which had a futuristic mirror background. This design debuted at the Joplin Missouri Store in 2003.

V2 Cappa Installed November 2003 - 2006[]

Starting in November 2003 with the opening of the location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, The Studio C Cappa received a new deign, replacing the mirror background with a swirly design (somewhat similar to the swirl seen on the Studio C Beta) with lights on it, that also extended to the wall on the right. as for the rest of the stage, it was the same as what was seen on the V1 Cappa (not include Waco, which received their own unique front without a blue screen). V2 Cappas would continue to be installed in new stores until March of 2005, when the Johnson City, Tennessee location opened. The last V2 Cappa installed was Evansville, Indiana (former Showbiz / 3-Stage, Now 2.0) in 2006; after the opening of Johnson City and Lake Jackson's Installation.

V3 Beta/Cappa Mix Installed Between April / June 2005 - 2009[]

Starting between April and June 2005 with the installation of the Studio C in Lake Jackson Texas, The Studio C Cappa received yet another design, this time replacing the stage platform / backdrops with what a Studio C Beta featured, though the blue screen side remained the same. This stage was known as the Studio C Beta/Cappa Mix. 13 locations opened with this design, with the rest being a replacement for another stage (though Hattiesburg, Mississippi was originally a V2 Cappa, they received a Beta stage in the late 2000's, turning it into a V3 Cappa.) The last store to open with this design (also being the last store to open with a Studio C Cappa) was the New Hartford, New York (Now closed) in October 2006. The last V3 Cappa (and Studio C Cappa, as the V3 was the final design) installed was Alexandria, Louisiana (Former Showbiz / 3-Stage, Now 2.0) sometime in 2009. This stage became extinct in January 2024.

Later Years 2006 - Present[]

Like the Alpha and Beta, the Cappa lost the blue screen camera as it became very hard to maintain. As such the blue screen itself was either kept, removed, or replaced with a mural that CEC began offering in 2010 after its discontinuation.

In 2022, CEC made the decision to no longer produce physical discs for shows and instead go digital. During testing, problems were found with the Studio C SD and HD systems, due to their special file formats. As such, CEC then made the decision to longer program the Studio C SD and HD shows (Studio C Alpha, Studio C Beta, Studio C Cappa, Galaxy Stage, Circles of Light, and Dance Floor)

As of 2024, 15 Studio C Cappas remain in operation, all located in the United States.[1]


  • This was the last stage for a few things:
    • This was the last stage created to use the "Studio C" name (Galaxy Stage, and Circles of Light both use Studio C bots, but do not the "Studio C" name).
    • This was the last stage to introduce the Cool Chuck Outfit.
    • This was the last Studio C stage to feature a blue screen and camera in the U.S.
  • This was the first Studio C stage to not feature Curtains.



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