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In order to maintain the integrity of this site, please abide by the following:


  1. Remember what this wiki is for (Chuck E. Cheese!) Do not contribute questionable content (ie: language, graphic content).
  2. Please do not put your fan-fictions, fan videos, or otherwise fan-created content on this site's pages. This is a database, not a fanfiction website, and they will be removed. References to animatronics owned by individuals will be deleted.
  3. As with any other website, harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  4. Please do not add content about other media. This is an exclusively CEC wiki.
  5. Spam will be removed, and bans will be placed upon those who vandalize the wiki.


  1. If you know for certain a page does not exist do not hyperlink it. Not only does it leave something for someone else to fix, but it makes an unpleasant red link.
  2. Do not add vast quantities of images to main pages. Use a gallery page instead, and if there is not one, create it. The same goes for credits pages and transcripts.