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The Single-Screen Studio C 2000 was a smaller Studio C 2000 made for smaller locations. It debuted in Fall 2000, and went extinct on October 29, 2023.


The Single-Screen Studio C 2000 was created in 2000 to replace Road Stages, and to fit Studio C 2000s into smaller locations. This was similar to the Small-Town Studio C which was also meant for smaller locations.


The design of the Single-Screen Studio C 2000 had a Studio C Beta Swirl Beta Fixture with a 32m Chuck E. bot, the center Studio C TV, one row of the Studio C Beta light fixtures, the Applause and On The Air signs above the TV, and a Bluescreen with a Studio C sign next to it. Later on the Bluescreen and Studio C sign would be replaced with a Ticket Blaster.


  • Early Single-Screen Studio C 2000s had the "CEC" letters below the TV in gold instead of red.


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