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A Showtape (or showdisc) is the containment of information for the animatronic shows at Chuck E. Cheese's and predecessor restaurant Pizza Time Theatre. It contains all of the programming for the characters, lighting effects, video footage, and show audio.

The showtapes consist of Chuck E. and his bandmates speaking with the guests and often going about their lives, in addition to presenting the various songs they performed. Each showtape has four or five segments, each one lasting about 5-20 minutes, with two songs each (though some segments in a few early rockstar showtapes feature only one song). The introductory scenes are accompanied by the CEC TV graphics for all setups, while in the case of the Studio C setups which feature a single Chuck E. Cheese animatronic, a second screen features Chuck E.'s friends in puppet form similar to the Muppets, with live action visitors showing up on occasion. The songs are accompanied by music videos featuring the walkaround versions of the band or a live action performer lip-syncing the song. When a segment is over, it goes on a commercial break and presents a series of advertisements for 5-10 minutes before the next segment begins. After completing a full round, it goes back to the first segment and continues until the store's closing time. The end of the round is often accompanied by a Chuck E. Live performance.

The animatronic shows are programmed to have the cyberamic characters lip sync to the audio of the showtapes. Originally, the monitors that present the showtapes were placed just near the stage in the dining/party area, but later years had multiple monitors placed around the restaurant so the guests can watch them anywhere. In the early 2010s, the showtapes transitioned to HD.

Media Formats[]

There have been several different media formats of showtapes:

  • Reel-to-Reel - 1977-1990
  • Cyberstar VHS - 1988-2005. The computer running the animatronic figures was upgraded to include a special VCR that would play video footage on television monitors mounted to the ceiling of the showroom.
  • Laserdisc - 1996-1999 (Awesome Adventure Machine and Studio C only)
  • DVD - 1999–present
  • Navori - 2022-present