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Share The Joy is a holiday song that first debuted as a part of the Holiday 1991 showtape.

Recording History[]

In 1992, Annagrey Labasse and Charles Stewart re-recorded the song. This version was used until 1998.

In 2014, with the exception of Helen, the vocals were re-recorded with Jaret Reddick as Chuck, Jeremy Blaido as Jasper, Chris Hill as Munch, And Earl Fisher as Pasqually. This version was used until 2016 where Helen's vocal was finally updated to feature her new voice actor Caroline Richardson.


(Verse 1)
A lot of people smile for a reason
The season!
And everywhere the air is electric
It's majestic!
Something seems to happen after turkey day
People movin’ and groovin' in a different way
And it's kinda catchy once they start to say
Merry Christmas, my friend!
Share the Joy
And the spirit
Of the season!
Share the Joy
With everyone you meet (Hi there, friend!)
If everyone could share like you
Then all the world would shine like you
(Verse 2)
Remember Mr. Scrooge and his money
He acted funny
When Christmas morning came, he was a new man
He had a better plan
Oh, Mr. Scrooge was not the only guy
Who saw the guiding light outside the snowy sky
You can feel the magic if you close your eyes
And let the love pour right in


  • Only the 1992 version includes the announcer at the song's start.