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Sally Sashay was a guest star featured in the Pizza Time Theatre era of Chuck E. Cheese. She was a disco-singing skunk, dubbed the “Beauty of Biloxi.”

History & Info[]

Sally debuted in 1979 as the fourth guest star in PTT's history. She was voiced by Lady Bianca, who would later voice Dolli Dimples in her second showtape. She used a perfume that the other characters would complain about, making them wonder how someone that could make your ears feel so good, could make your nose feel so bad. Sally would snap back at Chuck E.’s insults, and Jasper also had a crush on her.

During her run, her hair had a few changes, varying from white to black. She starred in only one showtape before being quickly retired in 1980 due to disco dying out.


  • She was also referred to as the "Disco Skunk."
  • She was referenced in “Remember That Time”, as her name appears in a picture alongside Dolli Dimples (Misspelled as Dolly Dimple).


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