Rocker Stage

The Rocker Stage (or Porch Stage by corp) is a animatronic stage that was installed at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza locations from the late 1980's to 1990.



Originally there was a stage considered referred to as "The General Store", this stage was most likely a predecessor to the Rocker Stage as it shares similarities with it such as Chuck, Jasper, and Helen being full-bodied while Munch and Pasqually were half-bodied; plus the fact that the characters were all on a Porch just like the Rocker Stage. It is unknown why this stage was scrapped.

The First Version and Appearance

The Rocker Stage first debuted in 1987 at the Arlington, Texas location (Now a 2-Stage); The Rocker kept the same order for the characters like the Balcony Stage except that Jasper, Chuck E. and Helen were all full-bodied. The stage is basically a house and as its corporate name implies the 3 Characters mentioned above are all on the front porch of the house with Jasper on a Rocking Chair, and Helen on a Swinging Chair, Chuck is in the middle of the stage in-front of the door. Munch and Pasqually are both Half-bodied and are located inside of the house. The house itself has 2 small dormers above, a flag, and a fence and flowers in-front of the Porch. The Warblettes were retired and in their place were the Singing Flowers under Munch and Pasqually's stages.

The Finalized version

After a few installations, the Rocker Stage was changed. There were now 3 large dormers above Munch, Chuck, and Pasqually, The house now had supports, and Munch and pasqually had backgrounds. These later Rocker Stages varied in color.

After the Rocker was finalized it was added in most stores starting in April 1987, stores got this stage until November 1990 when it was discontinued and replaced with the Road Stage that same month.

A lot of Rocker Stages began to be phased out and replaced by 2-Stages (Milwaukee and West Alis, Wisconsin instead got 1-Stages) as part of a plan Modernizing Chuck E. Cheese's, as such the remaining Rocker Stages had Helen updated to her CU look and Jasper was given the Flying Cheese Guitar. In 2002 the singing flower animatronics were removed due to no longer being programed, at around this time there were around 6 Rocker Stages left, and every other PTT stage was already phased out.

The Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant in Rockford Illinois was the last known Rocker Stage to exist, the house was painted similarly to the first Rocker in Arlington and the "Chuck E. Live" banner was behind Pasqually. Unfortunately this location has recently remodeled with the stage being removed on the night of June 12, 2022; ending this stage's 34 year run, and the Rocker's 35 Years overall.


  • This was the first stage to include full bodied characters.
  • This was the last PTT stage in store, as such this was the longest standing PTT Stage and CEC Stage overall (Not counting the 3-Stage) at 34 Years.
  • A lot of Rocker Stages had different numbers next to the door, these numbers were the store numbers of the store they were located in.
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