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Robot Chuck E. is a robot puppet version of Chuck E. Cheese. His first appearance was in Chuck E. Cheese's Halloween Hijinks.


Robot Chuck E. is the robot multiverse version of Chuck E. Cheese. He appeared along with Purple Alien Chuck E., Muscular Chuck E., and Pterodactyl Noise Chuck E. as Chucks from other universes in the special Chuck E. Cheese's Halloween Hijinks. He later appears in the background of Most Perfect Day.


In 2022, Chuck E. Cheese's produced a Chuck E. Cheese puppet for the Halloween Hijinks special. This puppet has a circular trapezoidal prism head with bolts on it, no eyelids, a mechanical neck and arms, no eyebrows, a black nose, two upper teeth, white irises, see-through mouse ears with grey on the edges, and a spring antenna. He also has a light-up "C" in the middle of his chest along with light-up eyes and a light up mouth. His light-up eyes, mouth, and C can cycle through 3 different colors (red, green, and blue). This puppet has been used since Chuck E. Cheese's Halloween Hijinks in other specials like Most Perfect Day.


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