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The Road Stage is a full character show produced in 1990, and the very first cyberamic show to feature Munch's Make Believe Band. This stage is unique in that the band members retain their half-body configurations from the Balcony Stage while Chuck E. Cheese is a full-bodied animatronic.


The Road Stage is perhaps the most (currently) uncommon of the previously described stages. A drastic difference is apparent: all of the animatronics, except Chuck E. Cheese, are divided into halves. Half-bodied versions of Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls, and Pasqually are all propped onto colorful, painted wooden boxes (referred as "buildings" in a 1990 Cyberamic diagnostics tape) with their names displayed on them (with the exception of Munch in almost all installations), so children are more likely to call the characters by their names. Also practical to note is the fact that half bodied characters had been featured before; the Balcony Stage, C-Stage, and the Rocker Stage (to a degree in Munch's and Pasqually's cases) used the upper halves of the characters rather than the full-bodied ones.

The early prototype of the Road Stage had a bigger star behind Chuck E., Mr. Munch had a TV behind him instead of the Munch's Make Believe Band Sign (the buildings that would have the MMBB sign attached were instead used for the Chuck E. Cheese neon sign, which was bolted to them). Pasqually had a backdrop that represented a type of Italian restaurant but in an abstract format, used instead of the common "Amateur Hour" brick wall (previously implemented in the 3-Stage and later used for the 2 and 1-Stages). A flat, wide road was placed in front of the characters' "buildings" as well as two lamppost props on both sides of the stage, hence the name.

The prototype version of the Road stage was installed at 3 Locations:

  • Springfield, PA (1990 - 1991) [Redesigned to a Finalized Road Stage, later replaced by a 2-Stage and then Relocated with a 16M COL in 2012]
  • Jonesboro, GA (1990 - 1991/1992?) [Redesigned to a Finalized Road Stage, and then later replaced by a Studio C Alpha in 2000]
  • West Palm Beach, FL (1990 - 1991/1992?) [Redesigned to a Finalized Road Stage, and then destroyed by a Hurricane in 2004)

The finalized version of the Road Stage would be released a short while later starting with Topeka KS in the same year.

Since the introduction of the 2-Stage in February 1992 and the 1-Stage rollout in 1993, the Road Stage has fallen victim to being replaced by these two stage types or Studio Cs throughout the late 90s and 2000s, due to it being larger in size and being more expensive to maintain compared to later stage models.

As of April 2022, only 12 Road Stages remain in operation in the United States and Canada.

Special Road Stages

  • Before its closure in 2018, the Road Stage in Richland, Washington was in a state of disrepair and the only Road Stage in the state. Jasper also had his banjo.
  • Before getting a 2-Stage in 1993 and closure in 2012, the Road Stage in Springfield, Pennsylvania was the very first Road Stage ever installed.
  • The Road Stage in Citrus Heights, California till 2014-2015 it was replaced by the 1-Stage from Rohnert Park, California except Citrus's Chuck.
  • The Road Stage on Dixie Road in Canada is the only Road Stage outside of the United States currently and it has Munch's PTT mask, Jasper's PTT banjo, and PTT arm swings on Chuck and Helen.
  • The Road Stage in Topeka, Kansas still has PTT Chuck (Replaced snout) and Munch masks, PTT arm swings for Chuck and Helen, Chuck's Cool Chuck outfit, and Jasper's banjo. Japer also wears overalls. This is the oldest surviving Road Stage.
  • The Road Stage in Corona, California has Munch with a nameplate between the keyboard legs.
  • The Road Stage in Sun Valley, California originally had the swirl star for Pasqually until 2015 when it was replaced and Chuck E. has his Rockstar jeans and got his mask from Bell, California in 2015.
  • The Road Stage in West Palm Beach, Florida was the third test Road Stage to be installed. In 2004, the location was destroyed by a hurricane, and permanently closed. In 2013, a new location opened with the then new Circles of Light stage with Dallas's Animatronic.
  • The Road Stage in Wayne, New Jersey removed the projector TV in late 2011-Early 2012.
  • Before it's 2.0 remodel, The Road Stage in Hialeah, Florida had neon lights in 2018 but they were removed. They removed the projector TV in 2015. Helen also has a unique pink box.
  • The Road Stage in Placentia, California has Pasqually with PTT Arm movements, this is the only location besides Rockford to have it and the last state to have it.
  • The Road Stage in West Hills, California has the silver projector TV since 2011-2012.
  • The Road Stage in Sunrise, Florida it was the first finalized Road Stage to be installed. Munch now has his hat, Pasqually originally had his PTT Arm movement's till the 2010's when it was replaced by new Arm movements, and they now have the yellow exposlion drumhead logo on Pasqually's Drums. This was also the location where they filmed "The Future for Chuck E. Cheese" Demo tape. This stages was removed for 2.0 in 2022.



  • The Cyberamic Road Stage animatronics were refurbished on April 10, 1999 for the millennium year of 2000. This happened during the fourth and final segment of the "Chuck E's Dance Party" show.
    • This was also done at the Sunrise, Florida location, that same year with electric or neon colors.
  • This was the first stage for a few things:
    • This was the first Cyberamic stage to utilize the Munch's Make Believe Band name.
    • This was the first Cyberamic stage to use curtains.
    • This was the first stage created in the 1990s.
  • This stage was the last new stage to have half bodied animatronics.
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