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Pumpkin Patch is an original Halloween hip hop song from Show 6 2018.


It was almost Halloween, only days to go
And I still didn't have a pumpkin for the Chucktober show
I was at the pumpkin patch trying to find the one
That would make my Chucktober super spooky and fun

My eyes, I couldn't believe
My head, I did scratch
Tryin' to pick a perfect pumpkin from the pumpkin patch
There were so many great pumpkins that I could find,
But I couldn't decide, I couldn't make up my mind

The sun was goin' down, it was gettin' late
I knew I had to make a choice and that it just couldn't wait
I had almost figured out which one I would buy
When I saw something moving from the side of my eye

At first, it was one then it was two and then three
And then all the pumpkins turned and started comin' for me!
My body started shakin' and my knees got weak
When they opened up their mouths and they began to speak

So I turned and started runnin', I was scared as could be
When I saw all the pumpkins were following me
My legs, I kept pumpin'
I was scared at the phone
But they just wouldn't stop,
They wouldn't leave me alone!

Well, I ran through the town, but they kept up the pace
When I ran through a field but they continued to chase
I couldn't run anymore, I was one tired mouse
So I went to hide inside of an abandoned house

I put a chair by the door, I found a place I could hide
And then I heard a little scary sounding sound outside
Then they came in through the window!
There was nowhere to run!
I thought my story would be over, but it's not quite done...!

(Horror music for a minute)

(Normal music resumes)

As the pumpkins approached, I tried to cover my eyes
Then one started talkin' and to my surprise
He said, "Excuse me, Mr. Cheese? I wonder if we can
Just have a moment of your time, because we're all big fans!"

And then he looks kinda nervous and he started to laugh
And asked me, "Do you think that we could get an autograph?"
So I signed my name, and as they turned to go
I said, "Why don't you come with me and be a part of the show?"

So they started celebratin' and they said they agree
And then the friendly little pumpkins headed home with me
And now every single year the pumpkins can be seen,
Sayin' "Happy Chucktober! Happy Halloween!"


  • The spooky tremolo after the third verse was not included in the album release.
  • When released as part of the Halloween Boo-Tacular 2022 Show, all mentions of Chucktober were dubbed over to remove any mentions to such (the first two were changed to "Halloween", while the last was changed to "Hey there, everybody!"). This version is also the one included on the album release.


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