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One of the most well known features of Chuck E. Cheese's is their prize counter. The prize counter contains a wide variety of different winnable prizes. One of the most well known of those prizes being the plush toys. This page documents all currently known Chuck E. Cheese's plushes, from 1978-2024.

Chuck E. Cheese's: Pizza Time Theatre (1978-1989)[]


Dakin was an American stuffed toy company that is responsible for making the first Chuck E. Cheese's plushes, which most likely debuted at stores back in 1978 at early Pizza Time Theatre stores. This set is only known to contain Chuck E. Cheese himself, and Mr. Munch. Both are incredibly scarce nowadays and cannot be found easily, as they were made so early on. Mr. Munch also came in several sizes, with varying features.

California Stuffed Toys[]

California Stuffed Toys was a company that also produced Pizza Time Theatre plushes for a short amount of time. these plushes are also quite valuable. This line is well known because it contains the only known plush of Dolli Dimples ever documented. Only 2 are known to exist.

Oriental Trading Company[]

The Oriental Trading Company made some Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre plushes back in the mid 1980s. These plushes aren't as scarce as the others, but are still not too frequent.

Oriental Trading Company[]

These plushes were produced back in 1988, by the Oriental Trading Company. These plushes are quite common, and can be found easily on most aftermarket sites.

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza (1992-1994)[]

Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc.[]

In 1992, Showbiz Pizza Time made a plush set in 1992 for the Tux Era. These plushes can be quite scarce if you do not know where to look for them. Most plushes came in 9" and 15" sizes. Oddly, Chuck, Jasper, and Mr. Munch kept their PTT designs.

CYRK, Inc[]

In 1994, CYRK, Inc made these plushes that closely resemble the plushes made in 1992. These plushes would have a very limited run up into 1996 when DFI became the main producer of CEC products. DFI made reproductions of these plushes in 1996.

Chuck E. Cheese's (1996-2012)[]

Dennis Foland[]

Dennis Foland returned again in 1996 to create their first original set of plushes. They created the very first Cool/Avenger era plushes used at stores. These plushes are quite common, and can actually be posed, because of wires in the body, arms, and legs. All characters came in the 9", 15", and 20" scale. Pasqually's 20" scale plush never released. Helen's eyes are also recycled from her 1994 plush.

Dennis Foland (1998 Set)[]

In 1998, Dennis Foland created another set that would be cheaper to produce. This included redesigning some characters, removing Helen, and completely changing Jasper. Munch had a fatter face, and each character is now sitting. This set is noted as being the last time a Pasqually plush was produced to date.

Dennis Foland/Charm Company (2000 Set)[]

Dennis Foland, in 2000, decided to make their most well-known line of plushes, the Tie Dye set. This set spanned for several years, had many new variants, and is quite fondly remembered. These plushes are very common, but are worth buying. This description will also extend to the 2004, and 2006 sets, as those are well remembered too.

Dennis Foland/Charm Company (2004 Set)[]

This set is similar to the original 2001 set, but with different outfits and colors.

Dennis Foland/Charm Company (2006 Set)[]

This set, just like the 2004 set, is similar to the 2001 set, but the two characters in it are wearing new outfits. These plushes were made for CEC’s 30th anniversary as shown in promotional artwork. Chuck E. Cheese was made in three sizes small, medium and large while Helen was only made in the small size.

Dennis Foland (Avenger Limited Editions)[]

What made the Avenger plushes iconic was not just the sets themselves, but also the tons of limited editions that were given out during special events, or were just unique variants. These are pretty valuable, depending on the plush.

Chuck E. Cheese (2012-Present)[]

In 2012, Chuck E. Cheese's underwent their new "Rockstar" makeover, making the characters more modern. With it came a brand new wave of plush toys produced by Dennis Foland. Originally only Chuck E. Cheese was produced, being released in 2013, and it wouldn't be until 2015 when Helen was released. Munch and Jasper would be made later on, releasing in 2016. There is still no Pasqually released for this set. Big head variants of these plushes were released in 2020, still excluding Pasqually. All characters released for this set have a small size and a large size, with Chuck E. being the only one with a medium size (which has a 2017 copyright date, unlike the small and large sizes for Chuck E., which both have 2013 copyright dates). In 2022, Dennis Foland, Inc. would go out of business and Fun Express (which is owned by Oriental Trading Company) would resume production of the plushes.

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Dennis Foland (Rockstar Limited Editions)[]

Alongside the regular Rockstar plushes, limited edition plushes would be produced yearly, to be sold in stores and during promotional events. A set number of these plushes were produced, as stated on the tag.

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CEC Plush Set (2023)[]

In June 2023, a new set of plushes was announced to be in development at CEC. These plushes still carry the Rockstar designs, but have a drastically different design than the standard Rockstar plushes. They resemble the Cutie Beans mini plushes albeit larger. Pasqually is included in this set, and Bella has her very first plush since being introduced in 2018. All 6 members of Munch's Make Believe Band are included in this set (Chuck E., Helen, Munch, Jasper, Pasqually, and Bella). This set is expected to be released later in 2023.