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The Playroom 3-Stage was a 3-Stage variant found at the Mobile, Alabama location. It was one of three rotating designs used at the Mobile, Alabama location, with the other two being the Hollywood and Winter 3-Stages. The stage was created by Brian Hagan in 1995, and would stop being used around 1999.


Stage Right (Chuck E. Cheese)[]

Chuck E. Cheese was on the right on his own stage on top of a triangular pedestal that looked like a large block of cheese. Behind Chuck was a shelf containing Chuck E. Cheese merchandise, an MLB poster, a plane with a spinning propeller, a shelf with plants on it, a giant football, a toy dump truck and digger, a yellow bucket, a red door with a gold star, and a backdrop resembling a child's playroom. He had a TV next to him, referred to as the Jukebox. It had a learning sign surrounding it and R.O.S.E. spelt out in red letters. The Jukebox would display the showtape footage, along with another TV placed above it.

Center Stage (Helen Henny, Mr. Munch, Jasper T. Jowls)[]

Center Stage contained Helen Henny, Mr. Munch on the keyboard, and Jasper T. Jowls sitting on a drum with a guitar that had an orange bird on it. Behind them was a dollhouse, 5 large crayons, a red and white hula hoop, two shelves with plants and different objects on them like a water gun, a pizza, a wrestling mask, a hippo, wand, and a red fire hydrant, a couple of posters, a coat rack with a shirt hanging from it, the Munch's Make Believe Band sign in blue with a red outline and covered in paint handprints, and a backdrop resembling a child's playroom. Building and Moon weren't used in this stage design. Munch Jr. was placed inside of a blue bucket between Helen and Munch. Above the stage was a colored Wink.

Stage Left (Pasqually and Pizzacam)[]

Stage Left contained Pasqually on the drums on a glittering purple platform, and Pizzacam housed in a speaker box with a TV placed above it. Behind them was a shelf that had a dog plushie, a Wilson tennis racket, a toilet, and a plant, a dart board, a bulletin board with images of a 3-Stage, a couple of posters, three balloons, two large crayons in front of Pizzacam's speaker box, a blow-up football toy, a toy grill set, and a backdrop resembling a child's playroom.


  • Brian Hagan, creator of the Playroom 3-Stage, would later earn a job working for CEC Entertainment's entertainment department for his work on the Playroom 3-Stage as well as the Hollywood and Winter 3-Stages.


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