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Planet Orion is a fictional planet in Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000. It is a distant planet several galaxies away, and is where the Galaxy 5000 is held.



Points of Interest[]

  • Mach-7 Gateway - A stadium where various events take place, and where the Galaxy 5000 hosts its races, serving as the start/finish line. This is where most of the film takes place. It also has a subway entrance.
  • Gateway Garage - A garage/auto repair shop on the gateway owned by Flapjack. Various space jets are sold and repaired here.
  • Soda Shop - A parlor selling various desserts like ice cream and sundaes, located just near the gateway bleachers. Various visitors come here to hang out or dance.
  • Special Attraction Tent - A tent off to the side of the soda shop, where the Songbird is kept when not flying.
  • Dr. Zoom's warehouse - Where Dr. Zoom and the X-Pilots reside and produce Zoom Gas. Helen and various chickens were locked up in the jail cell under the control center until Dr. Zoom can use them for his Zoom Gas production.
  • Crystal Canyons - A series of canyons. Serves as the basis for the Galaxy 5000 race route.
  • Harry's Cave - The underground caves near Dead Man's Canyon; home of Harry the Hermit. Chuck E. crashes here during a solo drive before the final race and received advice and training from Harry to defeat the X-Pilots. It is equipped with various workout stations such as geysers, a human hamster wheel, and a molehill. A crystal ball is also kept here for Harry to see things or to give zen lessons.
  • Dead Man's Canyon - A wide and deep canyon just near the gateway. Known as being very dangerous for flying through at fast speeds. Serves as the final three miles of the Galaxy 5000, before the racers can finish.
  • Black Forest - A dark forest off the coast, with trees so high there is no light to peek through. Chuck E. and the gang get lost here after being diverted off course by the X-Pilots during the final race.