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Pizzacam (also referred to as The Camera) is a prop animatronic found only on the 3-Stage on Stage Left next to Pasqually.


Originally, Pizzacam was a Showbiz Pizza character, Looney Bird. However during Concept Unification, he was changed and retrofitted to a blue camera.

The character has never been acknowledged by any of the other characters, with the exception of the You're a Star showtape from September 1993, where he appears with Charlie Rockit in an intermission (though as a puppet). Here, he is referred to as "Pizzacam". He would also supply backing and announcing vocals during shows.


In 1989, Pizzacam was created. He had a square blue head, bolts on the top and side of his head, pink eyelids, green irises, a TV decal, a red bar decal, red lights and a black square on his forehead, a large silver nose shaped like a camera lens, and two upper teeth.

During the mid-1990s ,Pizzacam was slightly redesigned. He lost the bolt tops on his head and the his red buttons on his forehead. The sidebar below his TV sticker went from red design to a red and yellow design. The bolts on the side of his head went down to 3 bolts on each side.

In the You're a Star showtape, a Pizzacam puppet was shown. This puppet had a square blue head, bolts on the top and side of his head, no eyelids, no irises, a TV decal, a red bar decal, red lights and a black square on his forehead, a large silver nose shaped like a camera lens, and two upper teeth. This puppet was used in a Charlie Rockit sketch in 1993. This sketch would later appear in later 90s showtapes.

In the mid-2010's, 3 locations would replace the blue shell and latex mask and replace it with a black mask made entirely of plastic. This version, dubbed Retro-Cam, was designed by the Huntsville, Alabama location's technician to serve as an alternative to the latex mask, which stopped being produced during the 1990s. Retro-Cam was installed at the Huntsville, Alabama, Madison, Tennessee, and Roanoke, Virginia. All of which have since then received 2.0, removing their Pizzacam in the process.

Pizzacam became an extinct character when the Huntsville, Alabama location removed their 3-Stage for their 2.0 Remodel during the night and early morning hours of March 28th and 29th, 2023, with the Retro-Cam variant also going extinct. The last latex Pizzacam was removed from the Laurel, Maryland location during 2.0 in June 2022. For over a year, Pizzacam was extinct, forever to only be a memory of the 3-Stage. However, on June 18th, 2024, it was confirmed that Pizzacam would be returning to the 3-Stage in Charlotte "Pineville", North Carolina, after it had been announced that that location would become a "Retro Store". After 2 years of being stored at the Showbiz Pizza Time Distribution Center in Topeka, Kansas, Pizzacam was installed in the 3-Stage, where he currently resides with the rest of the band.


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