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Peter & Ivan, also called the X-Pilots, are the major antagonists of the film, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000.

The two German-accented racers first appear on a news bulletin for the race, where it is revealed they shattered the speed record by reaching "Vega-Two". Later, when Chuck E. Cheese and his friends arrive on the planet, they are seen being interviewed by reporters, and when asked to comment on why they got disqualified last race for cheating, they push and shove the reporter. After being called "jerks" by Helen Henny, they attempt to woo her, but their attempts backfire, as she calls them "beefed-up buffoons". When they attempt to fight her, Jasper reprimands them, before Chuck E. proceeds to take them on, causing them to laugh at the fact a mouse was trying to fight them. Dr. Zoom, their leader, then prevents them from making any other moves. The next day, they join the other racers at a test run, where they yet again beat everyone, as well as causing havoc to Chuck E. and his team. Later, at the soda shop, they managed to score Helen, who they take to their lair. It ended up being a trap for her, as the X-Pilots hold her captive for their Zoom Gas, made from extracts of chicken, and is used by them to cheat the race and win. Luckily for Helen, she escapes the day of the race. The two pilots are wooed by Astrid (who previously asked Chuck E. out), and proceed to race, with their Zoom Gas. Unfortunately for the two X-Pilots, Chuck E. breaks their speed record and reaches "Vega-Three", causing them to lose the race. They are later arrested by police along with Dr. Zoom for cheating, and Astrid gets angry at them for their actions.

Peter & Ivan also appeared in a promo for the movie in stores, advertising its release.

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