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Pasqually P. Pieplate is a character from the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. He is an Italian chef, as well as the drummer of Munch's Make-Believe Band and an aspiring comedian. His name is a phonetic misspelling of the Italian name Pasquale.


  1. According to the official CEC website, Pasqually originates from Naples, Italy. Shortly after birth, his parents, Priscilla and Pietro, immigrated to America, where they opened "Pasqually's Pizza", which they named after him.

Growing up, Pasqually isolated himself from sports and other activities to study the art of pizza making, hoping to one day inherit his parents' store. He also taught his younger sister, Paola, everything he learned about pizza, and adapted his family's pizza recipe into song, accompanied by drums comprised of pots and pans.

After his parents split and settled in America, Pasqually gained full control of their restaurant. Determined to not only attract customers through pizza, but also through entertainment, he performed live stand-up comedy, recruited his nephew, Gino, to help make pizzas, and added arcade games as a mainstay. However, his plan backfired due to the negative reception of his jokes. Faced with a slow decline of customers, Pasqually intended to close the restaurant, but a surprise encounter with a singing mouse began to enter in more customers, prompting Pasqually to rename his restaurant "Chuck E. Cheese's" after his new star, and he and Chuck E. Cheese have remained friends since.

He also refers to 4 incarnations.

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