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Pasqually P. Pieplate is a character from the Chuck E. Cheese franchise. He is a pizza chef who loves to tell jokes, and is the drummer for Munch's Make Believe Band.


PTT Era (1977-1989)

PTT Pasqually was the first iteration of the Pasqually character, and was originally introduced in 1977 as a part of the original Pizza Time Players. Unlike later incarnations, he had a thicker Italian accent and played an accordion. Pasqually would service as an announcer in the early days of this era, originally calling out pizza orders, but was discontinued due to pizzas being made so fast. He would switch to announcing live appearances of Chuck E. Cheese and birthday shows afterwards. Pasqually would often try to join the shows, but would be driven away from time to time. Joe Spano was Pasqually's original voice actor, with John Widelock voicing the demo version. Pasqually was also one of Jasper's common sidekicks, as he usually caused Jasper to burst out laughing, sometimes for him to start laughing as well. Pasqually's presence in the shows would increase with the creation of the Balcony Stage, and he would also share a romantic relationship with Madame Oink. However, the two of them eventually broke up, Pasqually citing her weight as the reason. Pasqually would later show minor interest in Helen Henny in 1984, singing a few songs for her. Scott Wilson would later take over the character for a brief period from 1984-1986, previously voicing him in Tunnel of Love from 1982, giving him a softened accent, until the merger with ShowBiz Pizza Place.

When the merge happened, Bob West was cast as Pasqually. West's portrayal was a lot more friendlier than Spano's, more in line with Wilson's. Pasqually began to have a fondness for opera music as well.

Tux Era (1989-1999)

Tux Pasqually was the second iteration of Pasqually and was originally introduced in 1989 as a part of Concept Unification. where he replaced ShowBiz Pizza's Dook LaRue. Pasqually would take on the drums, and begin a new passion; telling jokes. His jokes were often disliked, and this version also seemed to have a knack for inventing, creating the Video Velocitor in the April 1995 showtape. Bob West would continue to voice the character, with the exception of a brief period in the mid 1990s.

Avenger Era (1999-2012)

Avenger Pasqually was the third iteration of the Pasqually character, and was originally introduced in 1999. Earl Fisher would take over the role, replacing Bob. This version of Pasqually was more air-headed than the others, and continued most of the same characteristics from the Tux era. He was also shown to have a mold collection, and originally traveled with a squirrel band called The Acorn Boys. Pasqually was also good friends with his vocal coach Steve Waters, and enjoyed watching the cooking show "Baking With Betty", despite the show's problems.

Rockstar Era (2012-Present)

Rockstar Pasqually is the most recent incarnation of the Pasqually character. He was redesigned alongside the rest of the Chuck E. Cheese characters in 2013. His birthday is celebrated on December 12th. Earl Fisher continues to voice the character to this day, and this version is largely unchanged from the Avenger era. In Unicorn, Unicorn, he is shown to have a jam brand (Because his name is shown on the jar). This version of Pasqually has a sister, Paula, who would grow up to work in video games, and a nephew, Gino.

In the Rockstar era, Pasqually was given a crucial role in Chuck E.'s new backstory. He is shown to manage a pizza restaurant in New York City, where—unknown to him—a penniless Chuck E. stays for the night in the uppermost floor.

Pasqually catches Chuck E. exploring his restaurant, as the mouse is unaware Pasqually has not gone home. Enraged, Pasqually furiously chases Chuck E. around the restaurant until the mouse is cornered. On the verge of being struck by Pasqually's rolling pin, Chuck E. begins to sing in an effort to save himself. As his pizza restaurant is struggling financially, an impressed Pasqually, realizing a chance to save his business, befriends Chuck E. and makes him the star attraction of his restaurant, which he renames "Chuck E. Cheese's".

During the restaurant's grand opening, Chuck E. is intimidated when he finds his audience is completely made up of adults. He finds himself unable to sing for them and is booed, leaving both Chuck E. and Pasqually distraught. However, things turn for the better when Chuck E. sees a young boy celebrating his birthday. He sings "Happy Birthday to You" for the boy, and his family celebrates inside the restaurant.


Pasqually's original design consisted of a chef hat and a long sleeved shirt with a red and white pattern on it, a red bandana, and a white chef apron. He also has black hair, including his mustache. In PTT artwork, his hair was made brown, he wore a white short sleeved shirt, and a red waist apron, along with white pants and white and orange shoes. Later, the original design would be used in more artwork, giving him black pants, and black and white shoes. This design would be retired in the 2000s, but would continue to be used in walkarounds until 2018.

When redesigned in the Avenger era, Pasqually was given a completely white chef hat. He still kept the white apron and red bandana, but his long sleeved shirt was now blue, and his pants were now tan. Pasqually's new shoes were a light brown, with tan laces.

Rockstar Pasqually would take inspiration from the Avenger design, but his hair and mustache was made shorter. Pasqually's long sleeved blue shirt was changed to be short sleeved, but his pants and shoes remained mostly the same. This version of Pasqually was also made to be a bit chubbier than the previous versions.


Voice Actors

Foreign Voice Actors

  • Benjamin Rivera (2013-2018, Spanish)

Costume Performers

  • Steven Lange (1999, Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000; face performer)


  • Pasqually is the only band member to keep his original position from his introduction with the Balcony Stage (stage left) when the band transitioned from the Pizza Time Players to Munch's Make Believe Band; Chuck E. and Munch switched places with each other, as did Helen and Jasper.


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