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Nobody There is an original Halloween song from Show 3 2020.


Hey! What was that?!
AH! Wait...what!!?
(Doot, PPPFT!, Ooh)
(Doot, PPPFT!, Ooh)
(giggles) Wait a second!
(Doot, PPPFT!, Ooh) (4x)

Halloween is upon us, it's here once more
Found the ghosts and monsters and ghouls galore
And mischief-making monsters having so much fun
(Bringing tricks and treats to everyone)

Well, I'm walkin' through the pumpkin patch all alone
Lookin' for my pumpkin pals, but there's nobody home
And suddenly behind me, I can hear a sound
But when I look back, there's no one around

Hey, I hear the harmony
Of a jack o' lantern chorus just-a singin' with me
And, ooh, what a crazy sound
But when I turn around, they can't be found

I've got a funny feeling what could it be
Think I've got some little pumpkins playing tricks on me
Thought behind me I could hear the music in the air
But when I look back...
There's nobody there! Hmm...



GOTCHA!... Hmm...

Halloween is upon us, it's almost here
It's a super special spooky fun time of the year
You wear a silly costume to look just right
(With jack o' lanterns blowin' through the night)

Well, I'm searchin' for my friends, wonder where they could be
But the pumpkin patch is lookin' very empty to me
Man, I hear the sound of singin' like somebody is near
But when I look back, there's nobody here

Hey, I hope that I will see
The jack o' lantern chorus just-a jammin' with me, yeah
Ooh, you know we're getting down
But when I turn around, they can't be found

I've got a funny feeling what could it be
You think the pumpkin pals are still playing tricks on me
The sound I hear behind me I'm expectin' to scare
But when I look back...
There's still nobody there! Huh...


(Hey, you know it's fun to be)
(Jack o' lantern chorus singin' harmony, yeah)
(Ooh, what a crazy sound)
(But when you turn around, we won't be found)

(Halloween is a time for spooky fun)
(And pullin' pumpkin pranks 'til the day is done)
(Behind you, you can hear music in the air)
(But when you look back --)

(Pumpkins gasp)

There's nobody there! (Boop)

(All laughing)
I got you guys!


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