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Munch Jr. is a prop character for the "Munch's Make Believe Band" 3-Stage set up at Chuck E. Cheese's. He is a small purple creature who served as the literal "junior" to Mr. Munch in the Tux Era before becoming a little brother of Rockstar Munch.

Physical Appearance[]

In the Rockstar era, Munch Jr. became even smaller, now being represented by a puppet. He stays primarily with his hundreds of siblings. During the 1990s, the Munch Jr. animatronics were removed from many of the 3 stages with their spots being boarded up and carpeted over, mainly due to either being vandalized by children or not working properly. The last one was in Wilmington, NC. It was not in working condition and, in 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the store closed, making him extinct, except for one remaining animatronic that was then shown off at Chuck E. Con.

However, a replica Munch Jr. exists at the Pineville, North Carolina location. It was built by a tech employee of said location.


  • Despite Munch Jr.'s presence onstage, none of the other characters ever noticed, acknowledged, mentioned, or even interacted with him. This may also be why he was removed.
  • Munch Jr.'s relation to Munch prior to the Rockstar era was unknown, though the "Jr." part of his name might've implied that he was Munch's son.


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